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CMD OBD+BDM Flash Package


The CMD OBD Flash system is one of (if not the best) flash tools on the world market today.

We have owned and tested almost every tool available to the tuning market and

ound this to be the most reliable tool of them all






ALL THIS inside one box


CMDFlash Slave OBD + BDM Package





The CMDFlash  tool is a reader/programmer BDM,EOBD K-LINE,EOBD CAN-BUS,EOBD PWM for all the new generation ECUs.

With BDM you need to unplug the ECU from the vehicle, open and connect it to our tool using a

connector available on every EDC16,Marelli,Siemens and Delphi ECU.

The Software will allow you to read/write the Eprom (29bl802 / M58),

the internal firmware and the serial e2prom containing the car's codes





Checksum correction algoritm is available for all the ECU families, this means

you don't have to care about checksums calculations .

With our tool it is possible to read all of the ECU's eprom thus allowing the repair of

ECU's that have been locked out and will no longer communicate with your OBD tool

All the ECU data can be stored in a single file with additional info like brand,

model, make, chassis number, data, note, customer .....
with search facilities and information directly integrated in microsoft windows explorer


We guarantee a faultless and failure free tuning software, that doesn't interfere with any maintenance, service and diagnostic

related features of the electronic control system onboard a particular vehicle.


Additional addons can be purchased for commercial vehicles etc

For more information on the hardware please visit CMD's website


Cmd's website




Remapping / Chiptuning your ECU (Engine Control Unit)

produces some very impressive BHP gains.


We overwrite the manufacturers original engine control program (map) with an optimized program, this is called re-mapping (chipping).


The best BHP gains are achieved with turbo petrol & turbo diesel vehicles, up to 35% increase in BHP & 45% increase in torque.


Non turbo engines give typical gains of 10 to 15% 



All re-mapping is done through either the vehicles OBD II diagnostic port or by connecting directly onto the ECU

using a specialist programming device, so there is no stripping or soldering of the vehicles ECU involved.


This is a totally invisible way of re-mapping that would make it impossible to tell that the car had been modified,

even if the ECU was removed and opened.

All programs are custom made for each car,van, truck etc.


The original program can be re-loaded if you are selling your car or for any other reason.


We offer a full refund and will return you car to its original state within 28 Days if you are in any way unhappy with our service